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    June 2023
    Maximizing Battery Life: Essential Tips for Laptops and Tablets


Welcome to the June 2023 installment of Digital Insights, where we delve into the fascinating world of technology and offer expert guidance. In this month's edition, we will focus on an essential topic for laptop and tablet users—how to lengthen battery life. With our reliance on portable devices increasing, it's crucial to optimize battery performance to ensure productivity on the go. Join us as we explore valuable tips and strategies for maximizing battery life on your laptops and tablets.

    Adjust Power Settings:

  • One of the most effective ways to extend battery life is by adjusting the power settings on your device. Here's how you can optimize power consumption:

  • Dim the display: Lower the screen brightness or use the adaptive brightness feature to automatically adjust it based on ambient lighting conditions.

  • Adjust sleep and standby settings: Customize the sleep and standby timers to automatically put your device into low-power mode when not in use.

  • Manage background processes: Identify and close any unnecessary applications running in the background, as they can drain battery life.

  • Activate battery saver mode: Enable the built-in battery saver mode, which adjusts various settings to conserve power.   

    Optimize Device Usage:

  • Your usage patterns and habits can significantly impact battery life. Implement these practices to make the most of your device's battery:

  • Manage active connections: Disable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular data when not in use. These wireless connections consume power even when idle.

  • Minimize multitasking: Running multiple applications simultaneously can drain battery life. Close unused applications and limit multitasking to conserve power.

  • Use power-efficient apps: Some applications are more resource-intensive than others. Opt for power-efficient alternatives or adjust the settings of resource-hungry apps to reduce their impact on battery life.   

    Utilize Battery Management Tools:

    Modern laptops and tablets often come equipped with battery management tools that can help optimize performance. Take advantage of these features:

  • Battery optimization software: Install and utilize reputable battery optimization software that can analyze and fine-tune your device's power usage.

  • Firmware and driver updates: Regularly check for firmware and driver updates from the manufacturer. These updates can include power management improvements that enhance battery efficiency.

    Preserve Battery Health:

  • Taking care of your device's battery health is crucial for long-term performance. Follow these tips to maintain optimal battery condition:

  • Avoid extreme temperatures: Exposure to high heat or extreme cold can degrade battery health. Keep your device within recommended temperature ranges.

  • Don't fully discharge the battery: Contrary to popular belief, fully discharging your battery regularly can harm its longevity. Aim to keep the battery level between 20% and 80% for best results.

  • Proper storage: If you plan to store your device for an extended period, ensure the battery is around 50% charged and store it in a cool, dry place.

  • Regularly use the battery: If you primarily use your device while it's plugged in, it's recommended to use it on battery power occasionally to keep the battery active and prevent it from entering a dormant state.


By implementing these strategies, you can significantly extend the battery life of your laptops and tablets, allowing you to work and play without interruption. Adjusting power settings, optimizing device usage, utilizing battery management tools, and preserving battery health are all essential factors to consider. Embrace these tips to maximize your productivity and enjoyment while on the go.

Stay tuned for our next edition of Digital Insights as we continue to explore the ever-evolving world of technology and offer valuable insights to enhance your digital experiences.

Digital Insights: Expert tech perspectives by Lee and Lauren Cooper. Published monthly by Cooper Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.


May 2023
The Raptor Lake Revolution: The Next Generation of Gaming Processors

Intel has launched its latest series of gaming processors, known as Raptor Lake. These next-generation CPUs, available in i3, i5, i7, and i9 variants, promise substantial performance enhancements compared to their current-generation counterparts.

One of the key features of Raptor Lake is the use of a new hybrid architecture. This architecture will combine performance-cores (P-cores) with efficiency-cores (E-cores). The P-cores will be designed for high-performance tasks, such as gaming and video editing. The E-cores will be designed for low-power tasks, such as web browsing and email.

This hybrid architecture is expected to offer significant performance improvements over the current generation of processors. In single-core workloads, Raptor Lake is expected to offer up to 15% improvement over the current generation of processors. In multi-core workloads, Raptor Lake is expected to offer up to 41% improvement over the current generation of processors.

The Raptor Lake processor, based on Intel's advanced Intel 7 process node, is poised to deliver remarkable enhancements in gaming performance. This refined version of the 10nm Enhanced SuperFin process node utilized in Alder Lake will bring substantial improvements in power efficiency. Consequently, Raptor Lake processors can achieve the same performance levels as Alder Lake while consuming less power.

Key features of the Intel 7 process node include:

With its innovative hybrid architecture and cutting-edge Intel 7 process node, Raptor Lake is anticipated to outperform Alder Lake significantly. Furthermore, its enhanced power efficiency makes it an appealing choice for users seeking a high-performance, energy-efficient processor.

The combination of the new hybrid architecture and the new process node is expected to make Raptor Lake the most powerful gaming processor on the market. Raptor Lake processors are expected to offer significant performance improvements over the current generation of processors, while also consuming less power. This makes them the ideal choice for gamers who are looking for the best possible performance without sacrificing power efficiency.

How Raptor Lake Will Revolutionize Gaming

The Raptor Lake processor is anticipated to revolutionize the gaming experience with its remarkable performance enhancements and power efficiency. This next-generation processor is set to deliver substantial improvements compared to its predecessors, making it the ultimate choice for gamers who demand top-notch performance without compromising energy efficiency. Here's a closer look at how Raptor Lake will transform the gaming landscape:

The Future of Gaming

The Raptor Lake processor is just the beginning of the next generation of gaming. With its significant performance improvements and power efficiency, Raptor Lake is setting the stage for a new era of gaming. In the years to come, we can expect to see even more powerful and efficient gaming processors, as well as new and innovative gaming technologies. The future of gaming is bright, and Raptor Lake is leading the way.

Digital Insights: Expert tech perspectives by Lee and Lauren Cooper. Published monthly by Cooper Systems, Inc. All rights reserved

April 2023
The Importance of Support and Warranty for Your Gaming Computer

Welcome to another installment of Digital Insights! In this month's edition, we'll delve into the essential aspects of support and warranty when purchasing a gaming computer. Written by tech enthusiasts Lee and Lauren Cooper, our blog seeks to provide you with valuable insights, tips, and guidance on various technology topics. So, join us as we explore the importance of choosing a reputable vendor, establishing a strong working relationship, and understanding the significance of a comprehensive warranty for your gaming system. Let's dive in!

    Choose a Reputable Vendor:

Partnering with a reliable vendor is crucial in guaranteeing a seamless experience with your gaming computer. Do some research to find a vendor with a solid reputation, positive customer reviews, and a track record of excellent customer service. Don't hesitate to ask for recommendations from friends, family, or online communities. A reputable vendor will not only provide you with a high-quality gaming system but also offer guidance on selecting the right components and accessories for your specific needs.

    Meet the Staff:

Take the time to meet and interact with the vendor's staff. This will help you gauge their knowledge and expertise in the field of gaming computers. A knowledgeable and friendly team can provide valuable insights and assistance throughout the purchasing process and beyond. Be sure to ask questions and get their opinions on the latest gaming trends, hardware advancements, and the most suitable configurations for your gaming preferences.

    Establish a Good Working Relationship:

Your relationship with the vendor shouldn't end with the purchase of your gaming computer. Instead, focus on building a strong working relationship with them. This ensures you have a reliable point of contact for any future concerns, questions, or technical support needs. A vendor that values long-term customer relationships will be more likely to provide ongoing assistance, keep you informed about new products and updates, and help you troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

    Look for a Comprehensive Warranty:

Purchasing a gaming computer with a warranty is essential to protect your investment. A warranty will typically cover the cost of repairs or replacement if your computer experiences any issues or malfunctions. Make sure to read the terms and conditions of the warranty carefully and clarify any doubts with the vendor. It's also a good idea to inquire about extended warranty options and the availability of on-site or remote support services.

    Consider Post-Purchase Support:

In addition to a warranty, consider the level of post-purchase support offered by the vendor. This may include regular software updates, technical support, and access to a dedicated customer service team. A vendor that provides comprehensive post-purchase support can help you get the most out of your gaming computer and ensure it performs optimally for years to come.


By considering these factors and prioritizing support and warranty, you can ensure a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience with your new computer. Remember that the quality of your vendor and the protection provided by a warranty can significantly impact your satisfaction with your gaming system in the long run. Stay tuned for more Digital Insights, and happy gaming!

Digital Insights: Expert tech perspectives by Lee and Lauren Cooper. Published monthly by Cooper Systems, Inc. All rights reserved

March 2023
Protecting Your Passwords from AI-powered Brute Force Attacks: A Comprehensive Guide

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) becomes increasingly sophisticated, its application in cyberattacks, including brute force attacks, enabling hackers to pose a significant risk...