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Cooper Systems Offers Fast, Affordable Data Recovery.




Larry's Tech Tips

Backing up your data is the best way to prevent data loss. That being said, here are some tips if you have lost data or files.

If your computer is exhibiting unusual behavior is usually a key warning sign that something can be wrong. If you can, backup your data immediately. If your hard drive is making an unusual noise (i.e., scraping, clicking, or buzzing), turn off the your system immediately. The damage will continue to progress the longer the drive continues to run. Noises can be indications of a head crash, one of the most severe problems that can occur.

Do not format your hard drive or change the partitions if you are unable to access your data. This can lessen the chances of a successful recovery. If you accidentally deleted a file or email shut the computer down and do not load any additional program or data as this could write over the data tracks to be recovered.

When running any software utility program or installing new software please be careful as this can change critical file system information and data loss could occur. When removing programs only use the remove program option.

If you must remove the hard drive from your computer be careful how you handle it. Do not tap of shake it. Handle it by the edges and put it in an anti static bag. If you are shipping it to us, please take care to pack it with plenty of cushioning material.

Only let professionals recover your data. Botched attempts at Data Recovery usually make the job more difficult. Call us. We can help! 





 Data Recovery on all major brands of hard drives at affordable prices. Our Memphis Data Recovery service is fast and dependable. In many cases we can recover your data in one day.

► Data Recovery on all Major Brands of Hard Drives   ► Affordable Rates and Fast Service

Cooper Systems utilizes the latest hardware and software technology to recover your data safely and swiftly.
 Help is only one phone call away... 901-360-9679

      Data Recovery Memphis At Cooper Systems we realize how important your data is to you and  your business. Whether you want to save your most precious memories or years of accounting data, we are here to help.

      Cooper Systems has been doing data recovery for over 31 years. By utilizing specially designed software and hardware processes, our certified data recovery technicians can recover data from corrupted and crashed hard drives. We support most operating systems including Windows and Mac.

        Cooper Systems offers a wide range of Data Recovery Services:

      • Data Recovery - on Physically Damaged Hard Drives
      • Data Recovery on Liquid-Spilled drives
      • File Corruption Recovery
      • Deleted File Recovery, including email and PSTs
      • Data Recovered from Solid State Drives (SSD), Flash Drives, SD Cards, and media cards 
      • Server Hard Drive Recovery, including RAID Drives
      • Most Operating Systems are supported including: All Windows and Apple Mac Versions
      • Format Drive Recovery
      • Damaged File Recovery
      • Tape Back-UP Drives
      • Desktop and Laptop Hard drives
      • Cell Phones

      We Recover Data from all major brands of spindle Hard Drives and Solid State Hard Drives including: Western Digital, Seagate, Samsung, Corsair, Dell, HP,  Maxtor, Acer, IBM, Toshiba and Solid State Hard Drives.

      Cooper Systems does Data Recovery on all major brands of hard drives at affordable prices. Our Memphis Data Recovery service is fast and dependable. In many cases we can recover your data in one day.


      Our data recovery process initially begins with an initial evaluation by a certified data recovery technician. This process allows our engineers to determine what may be causing the disk failure. After the evaluation or failure analysis is completed we will provide an explanation of the computer or disk failure.

      The recovery process is defined for each project based on the failure analysis results. Clients are contacted so the information can be reviewed and discussed.

      After we receive authorization to proceed from the client, the units are staged in our data recovery center for completion. Our engineers apply their best recovery efforts to retrieve every available data file. Due to media damage or data corruption, some information may not be recoverable or may have to go to our forensic lab.

      Cooper Systems can return your recovered data several convenient ways, simply choose the best method for your application; Replacement Hard Drive ( internal or external ), flash drive, CD ROM or DVD. For large amounts of data a replacement hard drive is recommended.
      After the data recovery process is completed and you receive your information, verify the files and directories. Please make a full system backup. Then call us so we can arrange the return of your defective drive.
      If at any time you have questions, please call us at 1-901-360-9679, Monday-Friday 10am to 5:30pm, Sat 10am to 2pm

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